A Summer of Preparation

Well…it’s the final countdown!

The time has come! In less than 48 hours my 9 hour flight to Italy will be taking off.

First of all, 9 hours is absolutely ridiculous. I am bringing plenty of things to keep myself entertained for 9 hours, but I’m also hoping that I will sleep a bit since Italy is 6 hours ahead of the US. Wish me luck! So for those of you thinking of calling me, video chatting me, or messaging me at 8 or 9pm in the US, just know that I won’t be responding until at least 6 hours later. I am not known for being awake at 3am.

As you’re reading this blog post you are probably deeply concerned with what I have done to prepare for my trip since my crazy New York Italian Visa extravaganza. I know it is a very big concern so I’ll fill you in. Well…my summer can be summed up in pretty much one word.


This entire summer all I have done basically is work. There were a few times during the summer where I was able to hang out with some of my friends from CUA. It is hard to believe that I won’t see most of my friends from school for another five months. My summer doesn’t sound very glamorous, but I am content knowing that the gifts I buy in Italy and the delicious food I eat will be paid with my hard-earned money. This summer I even picked up a second job to cover the cost.

This summer, as I have done the last four summers, I went down to Avalon, NJ and lived with my grandparents while I worked. I worked as a Beach Tag Inspector 6 days a week, 7 hours a day and it was my fifth summer doing the job. My friend Sara studied abroad in Argentina this summer so she gave me a bunch of great trips for my upcoming semester. So instead of checking people’s tags, we talked about our trips to exotic locations. The second job that I picked up was hostessing at a small Italian restaurant called Via Mare. The nice thing about working at Via Mare was that the two owners were from Italy and talked to me about both the Italian language and the Italian culture. Unfortunately though, I realized at the end of the summer, that the restaurant business is most definitely not for me and my sister can have fun in the cooking industry.

There were many nights when I was sore and tired from work all day, but in the end I am proud of myself knowing that I earned my way through this trip.

I have been home since Tuesday and everything has been absolute CHAOS. I cannot even count the number of things that I have had to do, while also trying to hang out with my friends and family before I leave. Two days left before I leave and all I have left to do is pack and, luckily, I’ve somehow convinced my father to help me! Tomorrow is going to be a fun day in the Coviello house!

It is crazy to think that the next time I write a blog post I’ll be in Rome and fulfilling one of my lifelong dreams!

Until then…Ciao bellissimi!!!

2 days until Rome


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