Month: March 2016

Why I Started This Blog

When I started looking at colleges with my mom, there was an unsaid list of what we were looking at in the school. The distance, the number of clubs, and the business school were some of the major things that we looked at. One of the biggest things that we looked at though, was the school’s study abroad program. Every time my mom and I heard about the school’s study abroad program we would always make sure that they had a specific program in Italy. That was my dream. To study abroad in Italy.

One of the most appealing things about coming to The Catholic University of America was their study abroad program. Not only did CUA have a program in Rome, Italy, but they had their own campus. It was as if God had given me my dream on a silver platter. It would be so easy for me to go to Italy. I didn’t have to worry about transferring credits or not knowing anyone because I would be with my school, just in another country.

I spent the first semester freshman year figuring out how the next three years were going to go. After talking to my parents, I decided that I wanted to study abroad in Rome the fall semester of my sophomore year. So when I came back to school in January I began looking into everything that I had to do for my study abroad application.
Once you fast forward through all the really boring stuff, it was Thursday February 18th and I was finally submitting my study abroad application.

A few retakes of passport-like pictures later, on February 24th I found out that I had been accepted into the program (on my father’s birthday of course). I was so excited. My parents may have been even more excited than I was at the prospect of going to Rome for a week. (My mom is currently memorizing the words that she needs to know when she visits.)

Two weeks later, I put the deposit down to go to Rome (after thousands of questions from my mother). After putting the deposit down it all became very real to me. That I would be living in Italy for four months. That I would have the opportunity to go to so many countries in Europe when I was there. Even my friends at CUA have been realizing that I won’t be here next semester. My friend Jay asked me what stop Rome was on the Metro so he could come visit me. Every time one of my friends has this realization it makes this whole thing more real. That I, Samantha Coviello, am going to be living in Rome.

Over the next few months I have a lot of work to do to prepare for my trip. I have to renew my passport, get my Italian visa, and fill out a TON of paperwork. I am not exaggerating.

Now to get to the point of why I made this blog. With everything that is going to be going on in the next few months and the AMAZINGNESS that is Rome I thought it would be a good idea to make a blog. I want my family and friends to be able to know what is going on during my adventures and hear about all the DELICIOUS food I am going to be eating!

That being said, I don’t really have anything else to “blog” about right now. I’ll probably have more wonderful stories about my journey to Rome soon!

Ciao bellissimi!!!

160 days until Rome